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Synthetic Surface

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More and more synthetic turf exists on fields across the U.S. every month. It has become a popular alternative due to the high amounts of usage with 'low' amounts of labor to maintain - but don't be fooled, it is not maintenance free! Synthetic fields with what is called a crumb rubber and/or sand infill system still need to be groomed, magnetized, and sanitized. Lines and logos are almost always painted with durable permanent paint that will often last a whole season, but there are situations (professional & college bowl games, temporary events, etc.) where removable paint is necessary. Paint producers such as Pioneer both offer quality and reliable paints for whatever your situation may be. 

As far as the application, Athletic Applications typically uses airless technology to apply bright, straight lines and logos that will impress any fan, booster, coach, sponsor, player or parent of a player. Having that extra touch can often times create a special bond with a team or organization that is irreplaceable.