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It is always important to be throwing off a mound that is to professional specifications. The front of the rubber and the back tip of the home plate should be 60 feet, 6 inches away from each other and lined up accurately with second base. There should be a specific radius of the mound and measured precisely 18 inches in front of the rubber in a complete circle. The mound's slope is important as well - the top of the rubber should be a specific distance above home plate, which is not always allowed due to the fields' natural slope. The mound should protrude down one inch from the front of the mound to the mark on the front of the rubber, and then an inch every foot until you reach the outside radius towards home plate. Athletic Applications uses Turface products when building mounds, which is of top quality. When starting from scratch, bulk clay is often needed. We are happy to evaluate and assist you with your mound building and maintenance needs.

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Mound Building